Registration is open!! And other news.

Newsletter Contents:

  • Our Mission
  • Registration Details
  • What you get in 2017
  • Bixi Needs YOU
  • Calling all Mentors

We are Moonwalk Mission. We are creative, hard-working, good-hearted, and a bit spicy.

Moonwalk Mission is a warm and inclusive community built for us, by us. We chill together, dance together, create together, explore together. Together, we inspire and enable creative, intellectual and emotional expression.

Rooted as a camp of the Burning Man Festival, we live by Burning Man’s 10 Principles, with emphasis on radical self-reliance and communal effort. We aim to spark connections that fuel personal and professional development.


Begin the registration process by filling out this form.

  • If you have camped with us before, once you fill out the form, you will be given a link to pay.
  • If you are new to Moonwalk, once you fill out the form, someone will reach out to schedule a group video call so you have the chance to get to know us better and ask questions live. Still like us after that? Pay your dues and you are in!
  • If you already paid your deposit, please pay the rest by July 15th. We will reach out for more info on shelter requirements, teams, etc. soon.
  • Know someone who wants to join? Send them this email. We love referrals!

We have two different pricing tiers:

  • Completed registration AND payment by July 15th secures $350 camp dues!
  • All payments submitted after July 15th will require $400 in camp dues.
  • Please note that the amounts due relate to the date of payment, not registration date.
  • We have a hard cut off for registration AND payment on August 5th.

Sorry – no refunds! We will be using the dues for build, Bixi, and improvements immediately, and therefore will be unable to return any cash.

Questions? Respond to this email or email Justine (see below.)


Moonwalk Mission is Burning Man Mutant Vehicle Support Camp with bases in the Bay Area, Miami, LA, NYC, Australia and beyond. Learn more about the global community we are creating by clicking here. Can you hear our howl?



Here is a quick run-down of the amenities Moonwalk Mission offers:

  • BIXI909 – arguably the best art car on playa! (Yes, we’re biased.)
  • Fully equipped shaded kitchen (picnic tables, grill, stovetops, burn barrel, communal pots/pans/ cooking utensils). Personal plates, cups and utensils still required
  • A sick-ass shower
  • Shaded tent camping – bigger than last year! 
  • Alcohol for Bixi parties and impromptu camp happy hours
  • Communal camp dome / cuddle puddle extraordinaire
  • Bikes for purchase (extra $50)
  • Access to camp generator for RV hook up. We will collect info during registration to see if you are interested in our generator and would like to reserve a spot. We’ll be in touch about specifics once you register

BIXI needs YOU!

We have a full Bixi revamp in the works, think of this as the BIXI Model-Two! After three years on the playa we feel she deserves the full treatment.

What that means is:

  • New dragon head
  • New legs
  • Fresh new color scheme
  • Complete overhaul on our lighting system, with fully programable lights
  • Dope pagoda roof –  bringing her to a total height of 25 ft!

Help us make her 4th year the best one yet! It’s always and undertaking getting our main gal to the playa, and we appreciate your help.

Question on donating? Reach out to Gaby or Patty (see below.)

Stay tuned to our BIXI909 Facebook page for updates on our progress!

Donate to Bixi here. 


We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new mentorship program!

The plan is to pair every new Moonwalker with a veteran, with the intention to ease the transition for newbies and spread our Moonwalk ways before everyone gets to Playa. We will pair virgins with veteran Moonwalkers so they can benefit from skills, experience, point of view, and friendship before they get to playa.

We are building a tribe after all.

Interested in connecting with someone new to spread the Moonwalk gospel?  Reply to this email or reach out to Erika (see below.)

PSA: this will mainly be a Pre-Burning Man situation. On Playa, #radicalselfreliance, am-i-right? <3

Got questions? Gals got you: