Moonwalk Fridays June 30 – Placement, Registration, Bike Sale

Burning Man 2017 is right around the corner! There is so much going on and we want to keep you in the loop on all things Moonwalk Mission. We’ll keep this short and sweet so as not to delay the start of your weekend. Feedback is highly appreciated, and do not hesitate with any follow up questions.

Here is what you need to know right now:

  • Save the Date: Bixi Resurrection Fundraiser @ Black Hammer Brewing July 15. Merch, food & brews on sale til midnight. Visit the Facebook event for full details.
  • The next round of registration is coming up on July 1. You should already be aware if you are on this list and should check your email for a registration form and expect an invite to video chat soon after filling out the form– you need to RSVP to these video call invites.
  • Moonwalker Bike Sale. On July 5 we will officially open up the bike sale. Price is still TBA, but remember, these bikes are EXCLUSIVELY FOR MOONWALKERS. You will soon have full details on how to purchase a bike for Playa delivery.

Build Weekends

  • On July 15 & 16 we are inviting anyone in the Bay Area to Old Mother’s Cookies apartment 13 (Gaby’s apartment) for a decor restoration day AKA re-wrapping pillows and cushions (a KEY part to our cuddle-puddle-dome-communal-area). So if you’re in town, COME HELP. Visit the Facebook event if you’re interested in attending.
  • NYC Peeps, also on July 15 starting at noon, our lighting extraordinaire, Miles Sherman, is hosting a Bixi LED-light customization day in Brooklyn at 426 Sterling Place, Apt 1A. More details on the Facebook event page.

Stevie, Kevin and Andres with the new and improved Bixi head. They’re putting in major hours at NIMBY for the Bixi resurrection. Follow them on Instagram for live updates. @Mr_Shaw @GrownUpKid and @Dirty_Dre

Playa Prepared!

SUNBLOCK! Just kidding, that one’s obvious.

As we move along with these newsletters we will get more and more esoteric with our tips and tricks. But since this is our inaugural outreach to the new members, we’ll start with some basics.

BRING COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF WATER. You cannot buy water in Black Rock City, so plan for 7 days worth of water, then add 15% to whatever number you came up with. The recommended amount is 1.5 gallons per day. You should plan on drinking about a full gallon per day, but also take into account using water to brush your teeth, hygienic purposes, and cooling down when necessary.

With that said, it also gets really fucking cold at night. Bring warm clothes.

Bring a first-aid kit. Just do it.

Want more?

Questions? Reply to this email and I will reply.
– Alberto