Moonwalk Fridays July 7 – Bixi Fundraiser, Ticket Resources, Food Tips

Burning Man 2017 is right around the corner! There is so much going on and we want to keep you in the loop on all things Moonwalk Mission. We’ll keep this short and sweet so as not to delay the start of your weekend. Feedback is highly appreciated, and do not hesitate with any follow up questions.

Here is what you need to know right now:

Calendar Things: 

  • Bixi Resurrection Fundraiser @ Black Hammer Brewing July 15. Merch, food & brews on sale til midnight. Visit the Facebook event for full details.
  • On July 15 & 16 we are inviting anyone in the Bay Area to Old Mother’s Cookies apartment 13 (Gaby’s apartment) for a decor restoration day AKA re-wrapping pillows and cushions (a KEY part to our cuddle-puddle-dome-communal-area). So if you’re in town, COME HELP. Visit the Facebook event if you’re interested in attending.
  • Second wave of registration is under way. RSVP to those invites for video-calls! 

For those still looking for tickets: 

We suggest you leverage your network of other Burners outside of Moonwalk. Ask everyone you know. Example below.

You’d be surprised to know how many people apply for tickets, get them, and then aren’t able to go. July/August is when these can’t-make-it tickets will start popping up, so make it clear to your network that you’re on the look for tix.

For those who do have tickets but can’t make it, or have extras they want to unload, PLEASE SHARE IN THE MOONWALK FACEBOOK GROUP. Because, #fam.

Here is a link to Burning Man’s upcoming OMG Sale.

Along with the physical resurrection of Bixi, her branding and our website have also received facelifts recently. Visit the site for everything you need to know about Moonwalk Mission and Bixi the mutant-vehicle!

Playa Prepared – Eating at Burning Man

Never camped in the desert? Not sure what kind of food to bring to keep you fueled throughout a week on The Playa? We got you…

  • Canned goods. I’m a proponent of absurd amounts of Chef Boyardee, but soups are also great (and sometimes easier to eat after a particularly rough night).
  • Prepared meals. Cook it, vacuum-seal it, and freeze it before you leave for the desert. Keep them on ice, and simply warm them up in a pot of boiling water when you’re ready to eat. (Affordable vacuum sealer on Amazon). This is hands-down the best option for those that want to actually have decent meals on The Playa.
  • Dehydrated fruits/trail mixes.
  • Camp cooking. Feel free to use our propane stove, pots, pans and utensils. Be sure to clean up after yourself – we recommend Lysol wipes.
  • Pickles. Just do it.

New Bixi head is complete and coolin’ on top of our container at NIMBY.

Want more?

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– Alberto