Moonwalk Fridays July 14 – Decor Weekend, Trash, Regional Calls

Burning Man 2017 is right around the corner! We want to keep you in the loop on all things Moonwalk Mission. While there’s so much going on, we’ll keep this short and sweet so as not to delay the start of your weekend. Feedback is highly appreciated, and do not hesitate with any follow up questions.

These are the fabrics we will be using in Oakland this weekend for our decor work days! More details below. Visit and follow our 2017 Moonwalk Mission Decor (click image) board on Pinterest for inspo!

Here is what you need to know right now:


  • Bay Area Moonwalkers – we are hosting a pair of decor restoration days on Saturday (the 15th) and Sunday (the 16th). It’s our Moonshine Deco Weekend! Shout out to Bree for leading the charge!
    • Location is Gaby’s apartment
    • Work on everything from our geo-cuddlepuddle-dome, to mood lighting, to overall camp-vibe and cohesiveness. If you’re around, stop by and get involved! 
    • Facebook event
  • NYC peeps – TOMORROW (July 15at noonMiles Sherman is hosting a Bixi-LED-customization build
  • ALSO TOMORROW, in San Francisco (after decor-day)is our Bixi Resurection Fundraiser at Black Hammer Brewing.
    • Come meet the crew and hang at a Burner bar in SoMa
    • Bring cash if you want to donate to Bixi
    • Check the Facebook event for details and the sick lineup


  • On July 26, we have a star-gazing, discount-margarita, FUNdrager at Monarch to help support Bixi and our camp.


We have officially kicked off our regional reach outs (sounds naughty)! Earlier this week, Diana Valbuena and Kevin Insua hosted a video-chat with a few of our Moonwalkers in South Florida and it was a smash hit – Bryan and I sat in on it and had a great time!

Next chip off the moon block is Australia, hosted by Daniel Tubby. Moon mates down-under make sure to set aside some time to knock the froth off a few with Tubz, its gunna be an absolute belter, and heaps of help so you don’t kook it.

Huge thanks to Erika for organizing these!!! #killinging

And to Boyd for translating that last part into Aussie. We’re having a raging kick!!!

Camp Dues

All registered Moonwalkers must paid their dues by July 23rdGUARANTEE YOUR PLACE AT MOONWALK MISSION. You know you want to.

Thank you to everyone for flowing with our ever changing registration process!!!

Here is a U-Haul trailer filled to the brim with trash and things that were left behind. We unloaded tons of trash from our container when the crew visited Gerlach the other weekend.
Not pictured: countless trash-bags that accumulate throughout the week.

A word on trash at Moonwalk Mission.

Our camp, as across the whole of Burning Man, is a pack-in/pack-out community. This means that you as an individual should prepare in a manner that allows you to take everything you bring to the Playa back off the Playa when you leave.

We appreciate the gestures, but we must insist that we do not accept donations at the end of the week. That means no, we don’t want your broken bicycles, malfunctioning tents, pee/poop containers, ripped-up/dusty costumes, coolers full of rotten food, tassels/LED lights/anything else you used to deck out your bike, or anything else you don’t want to take with you when you leave. 

Please be mindful of this in your preparations, and thank you all in advance!

In the coming weeks Bryan and I will go more in-depth on this matter during a Facebook Live session, where we’ll cover more specific details about our trash and MOOP initiative this year.

#moopthereitis #moopthereitaint #shemooped #hemooped

Playa Prepared!

We’re gonna keep Playa Prepared short today, because I want to reiterate something I already mentioned. PLEASE be MOOP/ trash aware before you get to Burning Man.

I am going to host a trash/ MOOP Facebook Live session soon where we will discuss how important this actually is. It’s gonna be sick.

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– Alberto