Moonwalk Mission is Burning Man Mutant Vehicle Support Camp with bases in the Bay Area, Miami, LA, NYC, Australia and beyond. Learn more about the global community we are creating by clicking the About tab. Can you hear our howl?


Bixi909 is truly our main attraction. Our mutant vehicle is part dragon and part turtle, a myth all her own. Ask about her origins and you’ll get a different answer every time.

Bixi has it all: room to dance, room to party, room to crash – even a stripper pole. You’ll want to join us for a party or two as we cruise around the Esplanade or Deep Playa at night, with world class DJs atop in her pagoda. Bixi is also a premier spot to watch the Man Burn.

While Bixi breathes fire, she moves at a turtle’s pace. If you miss us when we leave camp, look for the hexagons in the distance, chase them, hop on board with your friends, and get ready for a night to remember.

In addition to our art car,  we have functional, cozy, cool communal spaces and a beautiful laser cut moon entrance, so that you will know you are home.

We will also continue our Moonwalker rituals with camp necklaces, a welcome Happy Hour, Camp Awards, and a pot-luck breakfast. More details on dates and “times” of events to come.

This year, we are focusing on community and communication. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where everyone can get involved and make an impact.


Moonwalk Mission is a family. Everyone is expected to embody the Burning Man principles and to contribute to camp. When we say contribute, we mean a few things:

  1. Come Prepared: do your homework and bring what you need to survive, thrive, and take care of a fellow Moonwalker if need be. That means bring all the food, water, outfits and shelter that you need. We are happy answer questions and help you prepare, but don’t show up a sparkle pony.
  2. Contribute: everyone joins a team, and we all can use a helping hand.  Everyone is expected to help with MOOP, and take home their own trash – it is a team effort to leave no trace.
  3. Bring your Badass Self, and an Open Mind: we have all walks of life in our camp – suspend judgement, and get to know each other! We are on this ride together, so let’s all howl at the moon. We are one tribe, after all.






Moonwalk Mission is officially full for Burning Man 2017!

Thank you for bearing with us on the registration process. We expected registration to run through early August, like it has in the past, but we filled up in just a few days. It was an exciting but unexpected surprise. We had budgeted for different tiers, which means we had to move up the cut-off dates for each group much earlier than expected. We know this has caused some confusion, but it will help us ensure the best camp experience and help make Bixi beautiful!
Truly appreciate your patience as we work on the process and communication, and I can’t wait to meet you all on the playa. 

A quick run-down of the amenities Moonwalk Mission offers:

  • Bixi909 – arguably the best art car on playa! (Yes, we’re biased.)
  • Fully equipped shaded kitchen (picnic tables, grill, stovetops, burn barrel, pots/pans/utensils)
  • A sick-ass shower
  • Shaded tent camping
  • Alcohol for Bixi parties and impromptu camp happy hours
  • Communal camp dome / cuddle puddle extraordinaire
  • Bikes for purchase (extra $50)
  • Access to camp generator for RV hook up (extra $$, TBD)

How can I contribute to Moonwalk Mission?

Moonwalk Mission is a FUBU camp – built for us, by us. The work we do together to create this camp is incredibly rewarding, and we need your help!

There are three main ways to contribute. Everyone will be assigned to at least one team:

  1. Set Up: arriving early to help the build team set up camp
  2. On Playa: keeping camp running during the week
  3. Break Down: packing everything away for next year, leaving no trace

Not enough? Contact one of our camp leaders and help us Pre Burn! There are opportunities to work on Bixi in the Bay Area, along with tons of other ways to help remotely and regionally.

Who can I go to with questions?

What do I need to do before I get to the playa?

  • Request to join our Facebook group and keep in touch
  • Read our newsletters – drop Justine a line if you aren’t receiving anything
  • Connect with your Team Leads and Mentor (if applicable)
  • Decide on additional Moonwalk Mission rentals (bike, RV hook up, etc)
  • Update us with any changes to your shelter requirements. Be on the lookout for our camp layout before heading to the Playa