We are Moonwalk Mission. We are creative, hard-working, good-hearted, and a bit spicy.

Moonwalk Mission is a warm and inclusive community built for us, by us. We chill together, dance together, create together, explore together. Together, we inspire and enable creative, intellectual and emotional expression.

Rooted as a camp of the Burning Man Festival, we live by Burning Man’s 10 Principles, with emphasis on radical self-reliance and communal effort. We aim to spark connections that fuel personal and professional development.


Since their first dance in the dust, Moonwalk Mission’s founders have had an incessant itch to contribute to the Playa. It was that very itch that pulled them across the country in 2013 to plant their flags in the Bay Area, and take on a mutant vehicle project. The SS-909, an unconventional submarine made of bamboo and wood, was their first large-scale art project for Burning Man, but would be far from the last.

The success of the SS-909 just fueled the fire, and the team’s next project would be one that would make a longer-lasting impact. With the head of a dragon, the body of a tortoise and a cargo capacity of 100 people, the Bixi-909 is an ever-evolving mutant vehicle that has touched the lives of many, both familiar faces and not.

Along with Bixi came the need to build a home on the Playa for our fast-growing community. Moonwalk Mission was born as a mere plot of land for our crew, but has matured into an extraordinary network of people who support each other and value expression.