A Letter To All Moonwalkers: Past, Present and Future

As we plunge into yet another Burning Man season, our team wanted to take a step back, reconnect with all of you, and shed some light on a new vision for Moonwalk Mission moving forward.  

It’ll be Moonwalk Mission’s fourth year on the Playa. The original crew began the camp as nothing more than a destination for our homies on the Burning Man map. But as the camp continues to grow and evolve, as do our intentions. 

We recently took some time to ask ourselves some profound questions with the hope that we’d get a better understanding of what this thing is that we’ve created, and how we can make it better. 


Why the hell do we do this?

Organizing a camp of more or less 120 people is no easy feat. It literally takes blood, sweat and tears—and tens of thousands of dollars. Just being a destination on the Playa, a plot of land where we drive our tent stakes, your hotel at the Burn, does not make this worthwhile for us.

While we’ve connected with so many extraordinary souls in the last few years, we want to continue fueling those connections between all of us. We want to create a strong community of people who provide value and support to each other, facilitate opportunities for each other, contribute to and care about each other, and value each other’s expression—whether that’s creative, emotional or intellectual.

This isn’t about you or me. This isn’t even about Burning Man. It’s about us and how we can create something that is powerful on and off the dance floor, in and out of the dust.

Moonwalk Mission isn’t just a Burning Man Camp, it’s a brother-and-sisterhood. It’s a lifestyle, and we want you to build it with us. heavy black heart

Important Information

The first thing to note is that we are no longer defining ourselves as a Theme Camp. Instead, we will register as a Mutant Vehicle camp. Let’s face it – Bixi is our star, and she also requires a TON of work. Therefore we want our camp to be a functional and supportive place for us to come home to, instead of a venue where we host events that require resources and stretch us thin.

Our upgrades / downgrades this year will center around making our Mutant Vehicle Camp even more awesome, and also relate to one of or main goals this year – Community.  We will improve the kitchen by adding more privacy and a better fire pit. We will nix the bar and have booze on hand – think Jack, tequila and champagne for Bixi and impromptu happy hours. We also have tons of improvements in the works for our main gal Bixi – check out Jon’s post on our Facebook group for more details.

We think these improvements will better support a Moonwalk Mission community – something that has been missing in years past. We are extremely motivated to build a network of Moonwalkers that work and connect together on and off playa, which is why our second goal this year is Communication. We are extremely committed to keeping you all in the loop about projects, process, parties, and all that other good good, which leads us to…

Getting Involved

Our next order of business is improving operations, registering campmates for 2017, and involving more and more of you before the Burn even begins. We will be utilizing Communication Trees to create a network and disseminate information so that we all arrive as excited, informed, and prepared as possible.

Our Communication Trees will flow information from the crew to the rest of camp so that everyone is connected and each person has a point person to go to with questions. This will also help us organize for projects on and off playa.

Inspired and want to help? Please let us know! Part of building community and getting organized is creating ways for you to get involved. This year, we have tons of opportunities for you to participate, whether you live in the Bay Area, LA, Miami, or internationally and elsewhere. Feel free to reach out to any of our leaders, and we will connect you with others working on projects that could use your unique skills.

Please be on the lookout for outreach from our Tree Leads regarding registration, payment, and logistics. We encourage you to take advantage of discounted dues for repeat Moonwalkers by submitting a $100 deposit via PayPal by May 1st. Encouraging Moonwalkers to camp with us again will help to achieve a community vibe.

Finally, we want to say a huge thank you for camping with us in the past and considering camping with us in the future. We are committed to creating a community where Moonwalkers can make a difference by bringing their point of view and creativity to the table and we couldn’t do it without you. We hope you join us again this year to help make this dream camp a reality.

We sincerely thank you for being a part of our tribe. Can you hear the howl? #moonwalkersunite